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Word of God New Life Mission


The Word of God New Life Mission (WOGNLM) is non-denominational human services in the Los Angeles region, branch at Venice CA. & East Africa. Centrally located in the inner city with only two executive managers and few volunteers. The Mission is serving those with no where else to turn by providing shelter and sustain the delivery of crucial welfare services.

Founded in January 2002, Word of God New Life Mission is the smallest and newest mission in Los Angeles, California. Guided by the Christian principles and philosophy, provides emergency services, including food, shelter, clothing, first aid care, education, counseling, for needy men, women and families.


To provide practical Human Services to poor and disadvantaged people in our community. Focused on Education, on improving the quality of life by providing knowledge, skills through Education and programs that increase self-sufficiency, to alleviate poverty, disease and their causes; and to meet their basic needs.

We have several expenses; Food, Clothing, Rentals, Blankets, Toilet products, Hygiene Items (Deodorant, Shaving Cream, Razors, Toothpaste, bar soap) Website Developing, Fundraising etc....putting Donated Goods into the Hands of the Needy.

Your gift has certain tax benefits for you as donor (please see your financial advisor for clarification). Cash donations are perhaps the most beneficial to the advancement of our common goal of helping victims. Any amount you can contribute in this way is greatly appreciated.


Guidelines For Acceptable Donations

All items donated must be in good condition. "sellable and useable as is"

* Antiques & collectibles* Giftware & knick knacks * Area rugs * Artwork * Audio & visual equipment * All computer items * Glassware * Jewelry * Lamps * Office furniture & supplies * Radios, stereos, electronics * Manufacturers, wholesalers & retailers clearance products * Small appliances * Sofa, couches * Sporting goods & sleeping bags * Televisions * VCR's & DVR's * Furniture, tables, chairs, dressers, etc. * CD's, DVD's, records & videos * Cookware dishware & utensils * Computers, Laptops, scanners, printers, cell phones & accessories * Books * Bicycles, wheelchairs & wheeled toys * Bedspread, blankets & liners * Clothing, shoes, purses, belts, hats (infants to adult) * Cars, trucks, vans, rvs & mobile homes * Houses, buildings, stores, warehouses & storages * Land, House, Farm Products, Farm Animals * Farm equipments, Construction equipments

We Welcome All Sizes of Donations!

Telephone: 202 294 4726

Mail your contribution to

Word of God New Life Mission
P.O. Box 9324
Washington, DC 20005