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#2 Home Mailing Program

Pre Paid Legal Service & Identity Theft Protection

Our 2nd best pulling sales letters has the headline “Work Part -Time@Home! America’s Best Home Business Opportunity” and “Identity Theft – Big Money in Protecting Others” and contain a toll free 800 number to call. Please put in your information as usual in the “Referred By” Yeme Hailu PO. Box 1375 Venice, CA. 90294 Ref: Code: 2139053318box provided. When your prospects call in, the first question that the sales representative will ask is YOUR “Referral By” Yeme Hailu PO. Box 1375 Venice, CA. 90294 Ref Code: 2139053318 The sales person will do all the sales and closing for the sign up fee of $245. But, then will send you a check for $35 for each sale closed.

Note: If you are interested in making the full $100 per sign up instead of the $35 and the opportunity to have residual income (money that comes in while you sleep) then you will need to become a Pre Paid Legal Associate yourself and pay $245. But it is not necessary, if you are happy with just putting up the flyers locally and you make money right now, without any additional cost to you and you will still make $35 per new customer. Your choice. Putting that flyer up locally daily can easily get 3-4 signups a week. To Sign up for Pre Paid Legal as Associate call Michael Hughes at: (888) 500-9971.

#2 Home Mailing Program Pre Paid Legal Service Program Includes:

  • Flyer to Get SASE (Self Addressed Stamped Envelope)

  • 2 Sales Letters to Mail Back to Them

  • Approved Classified Ad

Reminder How to prepare Our Flyer Before you have Flyer copied. Where it says “Insert your name and address between each line”, please type in your Name and Address. This way your prospects can mail you a SASE so that you can mail back to them Our Sales Letter.

Digital Copies You will make 50% for every order received.

Approved Classified Ad $50K Income Potential Working from home offering identity theft protection.Huge Industry. Send SASE to: Yeme Hailu PO. Box 1375 Venice, CA. 90294

Make $500-$1000 part-time, and $3000-$9,000 Full-time!

With our proven, simple system your success is almost guaranteed! We have all the tools for marketing: DVD’s, your very own website, local corporate trainers a customer service department to take care of your clients, a success coach to help create contacts and get your home-based business started in one day!

Despite what the me-Whether you are an identity theft victim today -or at some dia would have you time in the future-Everyone will need: believe, credit-related * Access to legal counsel

identity theft is not

the biggest part of the* Ongoing credit monitoring problem. It’s not * Professional Restoration even close. In fact, Now you can partner with the number one risk man-

more than 70 percent agement company in the world and the largest legal of identity theft oc-services company in North America.

currences are non-credit related.

Consider the five types of identity theft:

  1. Department of Motor Vehicles

  2. Medical information

  3. Character or criminal identity

  4. Social Security Number

  5. Credit identity

If someone finds themselves arrested in the middle of the night for a crime someone else has committed in your name, don’t call Citigroup. They don’t address problems like this. Free Info Call: 1(800)394-6919


1(888) 500-9971