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Word of God New Life Mission is a non-profit
corporation founded in 2002.


To bring the love of Christ to the poorest and
suffering both locally and around the World.


To seek and find those in need and to serve them through person
to person contact, irrespective, non-discriminative way based
on age, race, ethnicity, religion, gender or disability.


To provide practical Human Services to the poorest
focused on Education, improving the quality of life by
providing knowledge, skills, in programs that enrich community.

World of God New Life Mission is seeking General Operating Fund and in-kind donations. The Fund will be used to operate shelter and outreach services. We rely solely upon the contributions and support of concerned Individuals, State, Corporations, and Private Foundations.

We strongly believe that each person has the opportunity to be carefully evaluated and to receive the quantity and quality of services necessary to allow that individual to reach his or her maximum potential for independence and personal growth, regardless of economic, social and ethnic background.

Your gift has certain tax benefits for you as donor
(please see your financial advisor for clarification).

Contact Us By Mail

Word of God New Life Mission
P.O.Box 1375
Venice, CA. 90294